Organizational Capability Focus
As the organization handles more complex, critical and global projects the risks associated with failure become larger. Successful organizations build the capability of their people as they keep growing over time. METL’s organizational capability focus develops the company from within and builds the uniqueness in the interventions thereby preserving the organization DNA while building organizational capability.
  1. Leadership continuum design: Lack of effective leadership processes is the critical reason why organizations and economies lead or lag. METL works with organizations to create a leadership continuum and implement the key leadership processes… Click here to read a thought note.
  2. Learning material development: Organizations are unique and this uniqueness needs to be understood, captured and driven down through learning workshops. METL works with clients to understand practices that have worked for them, identify the underlying successful behavior, generalize the behavior and link to a management concept and then create learning material. The learning material thus developed is the copyright of our clients… Click here to read our thought note.
  3. Corporate training products: METL has designed training products that are licensed to organizations for use. Training is provided to trainers to help deliver these products. The products are comprehensive with facilitator guide, participant workbook, participant courseware, power point slides. Companies can enter into volume licensing with METL and get access to these training products and use them in house. The Quality of the content comes assured with the intellectual power and experience of METL… Click here to see a sample of the courseware.
  4. Corporate training: METL conducts train the trainers workshops for deploying learning solutions uniquely created for their organization. METL also provides training on areas such as sales and marketing strategy, developing a B2B approach, high value needs based selling, proposal writing skills, consulting skills, presentation skills for senior management… Click here to read our thought note.