Implementation Focus
It is a well known fact that 70% of the strategies fail due to faulty implementation. There is nothing more costly for an organization than a failed strategy or a project that did not get over on time. METL works with its clients to minimize the possibility of a failed project by providing effective implementation support again from a whole systems perspective.
  1. Productivity improvement solutions: METL works with empowered task forces to make the changes happen at the workplace. A whole systems view is taken to implement the findings on the organizational and people capability front… Click here to read a thought note.
  2. Sales and marketing solutions: METL believes that organizations are essentially value chains that exist to satisfy a need. Sales and marketing departments are entrusted with the responsibility to identify these needs at market level/ segment level and satisfy those. METL conducts sales strategy workshops that help you design focused solutions that are strategic in nature … Click here to read a thought note.