About Us
METL is a management consulting organization dealing in niche area of management productivity improvement solutions. It works with empowered task forces and leadership team to build their organizations and drive change. It identifies areas where substantial leverage can be achieved and suggests definite ways to build those areas. The key areas of expertise of METL are:

  1. Identifying your organization’s core competence.
  2. Increasing managerial productivity to global standards.
  3. Substantially increasing speed of decision making in your organization.
  4. Build world class capability in your workforce.
METL undertakes whole system analysis to arrive at the areas that require intervention. The areas range from core competence, organization structure, decision making, capability building for sustainable growth.

As a part of the senior management team you know the challenge your organization faces. You should call METL if you foresee any of the challenges listed below and want to fix them proactively.

  1. Have an implementation challenge in your organization.
  2. Want to design a robust growth strategy for your organization.
  3. Have a flat growth over the past few years and want to arrive at the root cause to be fixed.
  4. Have a management team that is unable to decide on big/ right things.
  5. Want to build a world class capabilities in your organization.