Leadership and Meditative Mind

l&M Every organization must create and harness positive energy. Leading with a meditative mind is a way to achieve it. Meditative mind has been designed after a deep-dive into the thought processes of leaders, who have left an indelible mark.

This concept if imbibed in true letter and spirit which will help an individual develop – evolve – transform to become a true leader. One whom the world remembers for times to come, one who creates significant value, one who develops entire ecosystem and one who leaves the world a better place.

This collection of thirteen essays defines a meditative mind, showcases the behaviours an individual with a meditative mind demonstrates and lists steps to become a leader with a meditative mind.

This has to be studied together with behavior transformation framework defined by METL Global Perspectives. These two frameworks are transformational and unleash the true leader who is selfless, fearless and has limitless positive energy.