Behaviour Transformation

In the journey of life we meet many individuals, are exposed to several experiences and face situations. Most of us go through with a single minded focus of living our lives. However, a meaningful life is one that is oriented towards its destiny. And that is only possible to achieve by transforming your behaviours and aligning them in the right direction.

In this booklet you will find seven units, each requiring a lot of introspection, time and effort. Successful completion and guidance by unbiased teachers will ensure that you achieve the required behaviour transformation to lead a meaningful life and achieve your destiny. These are not mutually exclusive; and in fact these are two parts of the whole.

Business leaders need to go through this to become more adapt at leadership behaviours. A leader, to whom the rest of the organization is looking upto, must be complete and in harmony within to lead people and achieve results.

This is not a three day workshop. If you are ready, you need to seek out your teacher or at the right time your teacher will appear. The course is a long one and will go one for definitely more than a year. Yes, you continue to do your regular work, and this is a background process.

The seven units for self-discovery are:

  1. Knowing Myself
  2. My Behaviour
  3. Knowing my Influencers
  4. Goal of Life
  5. My Destiny
  6. Create my Destiny
  7. Behaviours for Transformation

This must be taken up as an individual first and then as a family. Should you feel that this is not the time for you to do it, do not force yourself into it. Wherever you are required to seek inputs from others, ensure that you have a meaningful conversation.

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